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Dance Movement (psycho)Therapy

Dance Movement (psycho)Therapy

Defined by the Spanish Association of Dance Movement Therapy (ADMTE) “as the psychotherapeutic use of movement within a process that pursues the psychophysical integration (body-mind) of the individual. It is characterized by its use of the artistic medium and process (in this case dance and movement) to help address people's emotional or psychological conflicts.




My approach is embodied, enactive and intersubjective-relational.

In simple words, the embodied approach starts from the premise that mind and body are inseparable. So we work with the lived body, the felt body and the memory of the body. The enactive approach understands knowing as action in the world, in other words, the environment transforms me at the same time that I transform my environment.  Finally, the relational intersubjective approach pays special attention to the relationship, understanding the psychotherapeutic encounter as co-constructed and as an opportunity to re-edit  and explore relational experiences.


All DMT sessions have the same structure:

- Check-in: it is expressed verbally how it is that day

- Warm-up: prepares the body for movement

- Development: It is a moving exploration of the issues that emerge.

  This can be developed through  free improvisation, small exercises,

  games,  with or without materials.

- Elaboration: this can be written, drawn or moving

- Check-out:  verbally share what has happened in the session.


Dance movement (psycho) therapy in Spanish, online or face-to-face.

First free online interview.


🚼 Dirigido a diadas con bebés de 3 a 12 meses

🕥 Horario: Jueves de 11:00 a 12:30

📍 Lugar: Metamorfosis: Markgrafendamm 20
10245 Berlin (6 minutos caminando desde S Ostkreuz)


💳 Precio:

Primera sesión: 10 euros

1 sesión: 15 euros ( no excluyente)

Tarjeta de 4 sesiones: 45 euros

Tarjeta de 8 sesiones: 80 euros

📋 Cronograma:

11:00 -11:15 => llegada

11:15 => comienza el círculo de inicio

11:30 => se cierran las puertas (si llegas pasado las 11:30 ya no se puede entrar a la sesión)

12:15-12:30 => despedida

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